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8 Best Mushroom Gummies for Sleep (2024)

Better sleep is a science. With the right natural ingredients, you can fall asleep quickly, stay asleep through the night, and wake up refreshed.

Of course, good sleep is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to functional mushroom benefits. The best mushroom gummies for sleep can improve your mood and bolster your immune system.

But which gummies are the best, and how do they stand out from the rest?

The Best Mushroom Gummies for Sleep

Top Choice: Goomz

A resealable blue pouch of Goomz Sleep Mushroom Gummies.

Our Goomz proprietary blend offers a comprehensive approach to quality sleep based on four active ingredients. The first is Reishi, arguably the most important mushroom with sleep-enhancing properties. Our 8:1 Reishi extract provides the potency of 8 ounces of Reishi mushroom in each ounce of concentrate.

The second is Kava. It’s a mood enhancer that’s great for relaxation, which can be a critical element for falling asleep and remaining at rest. Third is magnesium, a mineral that promotes longer sleep times, better sleep quality, and easier dozing off.

Last but not least, we use terpenes for their sedative and anti-anxiety effects. With those four ingredients combined, Goomz provides a powerful sleeping aid that has none of the drawbacks of melatonin.

Complete with the flavor of Blue Raspberry; our gummies can increase the quality of your sleep from the moment your head hits the pillow to the moment you wake up. You’ll have a more relaxed, deep slumber that takes less time to enjoy.

So, if you could use a good night’s rest, try the golden standard of sleep gummies. Try Goomz.

Plant People WonderSleep Mushroom Gummies

A bag of Plant People WonderSleep mushroom gummies, with more than a dozen reddish gummies piled in front.

Plant People WonderSleep gummies use a melatonin-free formula, but that doesn’t mean they lack a kick. These gummies are based on many of the same ingredients you’d find in popular sleepy-time teas — including a healthy helping of Saffron, Reishi mushroom, Corydalis, GABA, Chamomile, and Passionflower.

The general goal is to deliver a calm, sleep-friendly state. These gummies achieve that with a high-potency formula that provides about 4300 mg of bioactive compounds in a single serving.

This formulation's potency is greatly enhanced by using a 10:1 extract, and these gummies are made using ingredients from mushrooms' fruiting bodies.

It’s worth noting that this brand has avoided the kind of unnecessary extra ingredients that many people want to avoid. Standard components like corn syrup, food dyes, and sucrose are notably absent. Though this formula isn’t suitable for everyone, if you’ve had luck with herbal teas, you might want to try Plant People WonderSleep Mushroom Gummies.

Troomy Nootropics Sleep Reishi

A jar of Troomy sleep mushrooms on a flat surface, next to seven ripe blackberries.

Troomy makes melatonin-based sleep mushroom gummies. Melatonin is powerful and well-known to work. Its most significant disadvantage is that it can work so well that some people experience grogginess the next day while getting out of bed.

In addition to melatonin, these gummies are loaded with a healthy serving of Reishi mushrooms. Well-known for their sleep-enhancing properties, Reishi mushrooms are an excellent aid for building higher-quality sleep.

But it’s a three-step extraction process that really makes these gummies potent. Troomy combines extracts from mycelium, mushrooms' root system, and their fruiting bodies. The results deliver a balanced profile of bioactive compounds that works better than melatonin or Reishi mushrooms alone.

If you want deep sleep and don’t mind taking melatonin, consider checking out Troomy Nootropics Sleep Reishi.

HERBvantage Mushroom Gummies

A pill jar full of HerbVantage mushroom gummies for sleep.

HERBvantage makes herbal mushroom gummies with a few nootropics on the side. Like many of the best mushroom gummies, each is made from natural ingredients, including Lion’s mane, Reishi, Turkey tail, Cordyceps, and L-theanine.

This formula provides an ingenious blend of anxiety-relieving and relaxation effects. It also contains a small quantity of melatonin — about 2.5 mg per serving — which is excellent for helping improve the quality of sleep.

Apart from helping you get a good night’s rest, these ingredients are expected to promote a positive mood, boost the immune system, support gut health, reduce anxiety, and fight fatigue. Those benefits do depend on taking these gummies regularly, though.

These ingredients are provided in relatively small dosages. But that’s because they’re in a highly potent 10:1 extract from mushroom fruiting bodies. That concentration allows small amounts to have a significant effect.

For vegan-friendly, non-GMO gummies, consider checking out HERBvantage Mushroom Gummies.

Oh My Fungi Gummies

A purple bag of Oh My Fungi Gummies, with two gummies stacked in front.

Oh My Fungi gummies are based on a very original formula that combines Passion Flower, Vitamin B6, Baobab, Valerian Root, L-Theanine, and Reishi mushrooms. Each of those ingredients has been shown to help promote sleep independently, and when combined, their effect can be considerable.

These gummies offer more than a good night’s rest. They support healthy blood sugar levels, provide resilience against stress, improve mood regulation, and bolster the immune system. You need to take these gummies regularly for several weeks to get those extra benefits.

Another thing worth noting is how cost-effective these gummies can be. Subscribing to the manufacturer’s service for a regular resupply of gummies makes the pricing far more competitive. They’re much less cost-effective when you’re not subscribed, though.

Check out Oh My Fungi’s Passionfruit Mango Sleep Gummies if you’re looking for a well-balanced Reishi-based sleep mushrooms supplement.

Carolina Hemp Hut Mushroom Gummies

A jar and a box of Carolina Hemp Sleep Mushroom Gummies

HelpLucid Mushroom Gummies are a wellness supplement with a straightforward formula. The company’s sleep gummies, which are blueberry lemon-flavored and based on reishi mushrooms, are definitely the standout of the bunch.

These are another example of melatonin-free sleep gummies. There aren’t any rapid bioactive ingredients in these gummies, so you’re generally not going to see instant results when you take one. You may have to take them for several weeks for the effects of Reishi mushroom to have the opportunity to reach their full power.

It’s worth remembering that Reishi mushroom gummies are often used for sleep, but they can do much more than create good sleep. Carolina Help Hut’s gummies and their straightforward formula are quite good at capturing all the benefits of regularly taking Reishi mushrooms.

So, if you’re looking for an excellent long-term solution to sleep that doesn’t have any melatonin, check out Carolina Hemp Hut Mushroom Gummies.

Troop Reishi Mushroom Gummies

A clear jar of Troop mushroom gummies against a light blue background.

Many gummies are based on complicated formulas involving multiple active ingredients. Troop has gone the other direction with simple Reishi gummies. Nothing fancy is happening here — no melatonin, nootropics, or ‘special sauce.’ But you still end up with all the most critical mushroom gummies benefits.

Troop Reishi Mushroom Gummies use a mixed berry flavor that’s inoffensive, though a tad unremarkable. As Reishi sleep mushroom gummies, they also support a healthier stress response, cardiovascular system, and immune system. This is all excellent news.

The added sugar content is marginal but not insignificant. These gummies are based on tapioca syrup sweetened with organic cane sugar. The results are fantastic at overshadowing the otherwise bitter flavor of mushroom powders and extracts. But this level of sweetness, which rivals candy, will turn some people away.

It's also worth noting that these gummies are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, organic, and always sourced from the fruiting bodies of mushrooms for higher potency. If you enjoy sweet things and like berry flavors, check out Troop Reishi Mushroom Gummies.

Melting Forest Sleep Mushroom Gummies

A purple bottle of Melting Forest mushroom gummies against a white background.

Unlike many of the supplements on this list, Melting Forest Sleep Mushroom Gummies are not reliant on Reishi mushrooms alone. They also take advantage of Lion’s mane, another great mushroom for promoting quality sleep, and Cordyceps, which offers significant Beta-Glucan content. This formulation is an excellent combination of mushrooms to help sleep.

Melting Forest’s unique formula goes further by adding L-Theanine, Chamomile extract, Lemon balm, Magnesium, and Melatonin. Combined, those ingredients provide an almost immediate effect after you take them, with the full impact requiring about an hour to metabolize.

Given these gummies’ broad-based formula, you should expect many essential benefits beyond higher-quality sleep. That includes a more robust immune system, a more positive mood, better muscle recovery, and a sharper memory.

Once again, added sugars are used to make the bitter taste of mushroom extracts more palatable. Coconut oil and sunflower oil are added to the base of tapioca syrup.

Some people will appreciate that these gummies were grown and harvested in the United States. Putting aside patriotism, having supplements sourced from the US can improve the quality and safety of ingredients. If you’re looking for a very well-rounded formula, consider checking out Melting Forest Sleep Mushroom Gummies.

Sleep Mushroom Gummies FAQ

A dozen colorful candies on a white surface.

Do mushroom sleep gummies actually work?

Mushroom sleep gummies are based on mushroom supplements used medicinally for thousands of years. Rigorous scientific research has proven that consuming Reishi increases total sleep time, allowing for more restful sleep. Lion’s mane is also believed to improve sleep quality.

But mushroom gummies are even more effective than sleep mushrooms alone. They can combine several functional ingredients, like Reishi mushrooms and Kava, to deliver a far more restful experience than any single ingredient.

What types of mushrooms are best for sleep?

Reishi and Lion’s mane are the two most popular Mushrooms to help sleep. Both have been shown to help promote more restful sleep. Cordyceps are often taken to improve energy and make you feel alert, but when taken before bed, they can help you fall asleep faster.

How often can you take mushroom sleep gummies?

Many mushroom sleep gummies allow you to continue taking them regularly. Others recommend moderation. For example, you may only want to use melatonin three times a week. Long-term use can cause minor side effects, like headaches and nausea.

Always follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. Those instructions can vary widely because of the different ingredients and concentrations used from one set of gummies to the next.

How long does it take for the effect of mushroom sleep gummies to kick in?

Determining exactly how long do mushroom gummies take to kick in is challenging because the effects of mushroom sleep gummies will depend on what’s inside those gummies.

For example, melatonin provides an almost immediate sleep-boosting effect. Magnesium absorbs within a matter of hours. Reishi can take two or three weeks to fully metabolize in your body, giving you more lasting benefits in terms of sleep quality over time.

Are mushroom gummies for sleep safe?

When you understand what mushroom gummies are, it’s much easier to see how harmless they can be. Reishi has been enjoyed by billions of people for thousands of years.

Nevertheless, supplements can have side effects. The side effects of mushroom sleep gummies are generally uncommon and mild. When used as directed, a mushroom supplement for sleep is just as safe or safer than similar commercially available sleep aids.

What are the potential side effects of mushroom gummies for sleep?

Even common ingredients like chamomile can have side effects. Fortunately, functional mushrooms’ side effects are generally both uncommon and mild.

The most common side effects of Reishi mushrooms include dry mouth, rash, and nosebleeds. Some mushroom supplements for sleep use melatonin, which can lead to dizziness, headaches, and nausea. Magnesium can contribute to lethargy and low blood pressure.

If you’re taking medications or have a chronic illness, it’s usually a good idea to talk with your doctor before adding a new supplement to your diet.

Choosing Sleep Mushroom Gummies

A woman sleeping on a wooden table outside during daytime.

People have different tolerances. Some are highly sensitive to Reishi mushrooms. Others are not. Some people don’t need extra magnesium in their diet. Others desperately need it.

That’s why the best gummies for sleep can change from one person to the next.

But if you want to start with something powerful and melatonin-free, grab a bag of Goomz. With four potent sleep-enhancing ingredients, the rest and relaxation you want are only one delicious gummy treat away.

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