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8 Best Mushroom Gummies in 2024 (In-Depth Look)

Like all supplements, mushroom gummies are hit-and-miss. Some are indispensable — offering something people swear by. But others don’t deliver. That’s true because quality can vary widely, and it’s also true because different people want different things from their mushroom-infused gummies.

For example, some mushrooms are helpful for relaxation and sleep. Others are good for boosting muscle function or memory. But even when you’re using the correct type of mushroom gummy, you might be using the wrong concentrations. Sometimes, low concentrations are all you need for an energy boost. And other times, what you want is a high-concentration jolt.

To help you figure out what will suit your needs, we researched dozens of gummies to track down the fastest-acting ingredients, the highest absorption rates, and the best user experiences. We found flavorful gummies that feel like eating candy but are just as healthy as fresh vegetables.

So, what are the best mushroom gummies? A complete answer to that question will take looking through a few intensive mushroom gummies reviews. But if you’re looking for a quick and dirty answer, your best choice will likely be Goomz. It’s a trifecta of flavorful options, tested products, and highly enhanced gummies infused with nootropics. For quick results, Goomz are your best bet.

Best Mushroom Gummies — Finding Results

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What should you look for when choosing mushroom gummies?

Testing: When it comes to bioactive ingredients, quality can vary widely. That’s why mushroom gummies undergoing regular third-party testing are the safest choice.

Tolerance: If you want to experience an immediate effect, you may need a higher dosage. However, if you’re sensitive to nootropics, then you may need a lower dosage.

Targeting: Looking for a specific effect? You’ll need to take mushrooms targeted to those effects. Lion’s mane has overlapping characteristics with reishi mushrooms, but that doesn’t mean they’re interchangeable. Gummies containing a broad spectrum of mushrooms are usually best for general well-being.

Testimonials: Even the best-rated mushroom gummies aren’t necessarily what’s best for you. People want different things from a mushroom gummy, and nutrition affects people differently. But when good experiences and reviews outnumber bad ones, that’s a good sign.

Diet: Depending on your diet, consider the sugar content of mushroom gummies. Many gummies are also gluten-, pesticide-, or dairy-free — but not all.

Extra Benefits: As health supplements, some mushroom gummies come infused with additional vitamins, minerals, or nootropics. While these are not a necessity, they can give your gummies a little extra kick in the right direction.

Though this list of considerations is not complete, the best choices for mushroom gummies will tend to follow these guidelines. But which brands make the bar?

Best Mushroom Gummies Overall: Goomz

goomz mushroom gummies

Energy gummies are a great alternative to coffee or tea — but only when their bioactive ingredients are absorbent enough to be fast-acting. That’s where Goomz comes in. These functional mushroom gummies give you energy, but not so much so fast that you feel jittery or experience a crash.

Potent and concentrated, the Goomz proprietary formula seems ideal for people who want something that just works. Goomz sources its cordyceps mushroom from a specially designed and concentrated Cortisep with its own patent.

This inclusion is just part of how Goomz’s combination of fast-acting ingredients can give you an almost immediate boost.

Another thing that makes these gummies stand out is that Goomz goes beyond just mushrooms. The company adds Kava Root for added relaxation and bliss, Kanna for energy, and Blue Lotus for euphoria.

Terpenes give each of these soft gummies its own natural aroma, and the flavoring is equally robust. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re vegan, gluten-free, and pesticide-free.

Give Goomz a try if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up.

The Best Mushroom Gummies for Libido: Elm & Rye

elm & rye mushroom gummies

Mushrooms have been used for their health benefits for thousands of years, including a long history of enhancing libido.

While Elm & Rye offer mushroom gummies for almost any need, the company’s libido mushroom gummies are where this brand really shines. They use ingredients with centuries of known benefits related to libido, like Lion’s Mane, ginseng, and l-arginine.

Another thing that helped Elm & Rye earn its place on this list is that the company uses some of the most rigorous lab testing of any mushroom gummies. It makes those lab results available to the public — a level of transparency quite attractive in a supplement brand.

It’s nice that Elm & Rye keeps its sugar content down to reasonably low levels. However, it’s less pleasant that the company has few flavor options. Despite that limitation, you can be assured of a certain level of quality, which earns these gummies a spot on this list. So, if you can use that sort of boost in your life, check out Elm & Rye.

The Best Cost-Effective Gummies: Fungies

fungies mushroom gummies

If you want gummies to address health concerns, you’ll likely want to take them nearly daily. That’s when cost can become more of a problem, and that’s where Fungies come in.

This company has a pretty impressive multi-pack of Lion’s Mane, Reishi mushroom, and Cordyceps gummies that hit all the most important notes in a well-rounded mushroom diet.

Fungies come in three main types: immune system mushroom gummies, brain gummies, and energy gummies. Unfortunately, the flavor options within each area are limited.

The company has tried to pair up flavors that align with the natural flavoring of these mushrooms. The results are equally healthy and tasty — even if some of that tastiness comes from an elevated sugar content.

It’s worth noting that this is a slower-acting formula. It generally takes at least two weeks before you can experience an effect. But if you’re looking for health benefits, Fungies are a well-rounded alternative to figuring out which blend of mushrooms you should be getting in your diet. For a healthier diet, as long as sugar isn’t a concern, check out Fungies.

The Best Mushroom Gummies with Added Vitamins: Koi MusciMind Gummies

Koi MusciMind Gummies

Like Goomz, one of the things Koi does right is go beyond basic mushroom ingredients. In addition to well-formulated nootropic mushroom combinations, this brand adds B12, D3, and Hostilis Bark.

Just about everyone is deficient in vitamin D3, making it a brilliant and inoffensive addition. This particular combination of nootropics is intended to boost serotonin levels, which is a proven way to enhance mood.

Most importantly, the bioavailability of these ingredients is impressive. As you should expect from nearly any quality supplement brand, Koi has provided 3rd party lab test results to document their efficacy. However, high bioavailability does mean you need to follow dosing directions carefully.

Good flavor is a matter of opinion. But it’s safe to say that you'll love Koi if you like sweet things. Flavors like grape, peach, and cotton candy help make these mushroom gummies stand out.

For mushrooms made extra-powerful using added vitamins, try out Koi MusciMind Gummies.

Best Gummies for Wellness: Auri Daily Mushroom Gummies

auri mushroom gummies

Are you aiming for a wide range of general health improvements? Then, you want a wide range of mushrooms in your mushroom gummies. Auri combines 12 varieties into a single product to deliver a best-of-all-world gummy. You can expect an equally wide range of potential benefits with an all-inclusive list of ingredients.

Suppose you’re looking for boosts to your immune system and energy levels. In that case, Auri’s daily mix takes things a step further — you can expect 3,000mg of targeted ingredients in a single dose, including cornerstones of wellness, like Lion’s Mane and Turkey Tail Mushrooms.

In short, Auri has high concentrations of potent ingredients. That formulation makes this brand popular among people who are looking for high doses of active ingredients. If you’re not targeting a specific health effect and are instead looking to enhance your general wellness, it’s worth trying out Auri.

Best Gummies for Sleep: Plant People

wondersleep mushroom gummies

Like many other brands, Plant People makes mushroom-infused gummies for many purposes. But its standout products are unquestionably sleep aids. The company’s impressive formula uses many ingredients shown to work in teas that help people sleep — compounds like chamomile, saffron extract, and passionflower.

Plant People also uses ingredients that act on important receptors for sleep, like Reishi, Corydalis, and GABA. The combination is potent, with many of these ingredients acting on the same neurotransmitters. Studies with saffron show improvements in sleep quality, anxiety, and depression.

While boosting the immune system isn’t the primary goal of these sleep gummies, they do contain ingredients that help with just that. Unfortunately, there are few flavor options for most of Plant People’s products. It’s unlikely anyone would find their fruit-like flavoring offensive, but it’s nice to have options.

If you could use a good night’s sleep, check out Plant People’s gummies.

Best Gummies for Brain Function: Toniq Mushroom Gummies 10 Blend Extract

toniq cordyceps mushroom gummies

Some brands specialize in making mushroom gummies. Toniq does not. But even though Toniq isn’t a mushroom supplement brand, it does have plenty of experience making supplements for brain function. The company also has a respected name in the supplement industry and plenty of experience working with mushroom extracts.

That makes the Toniq 10-blend extract a somewhat expected success when it comes to boosting brain function. Its primary mushroom blend combines ten of the most popular mushrooms, including staples like the cordyceps mushroom. Although the blend’s potency doesn’t match that found in Goomz, it’s respectable.

As a savvy consumer would expect, Toniq offers third-party testing reports for every batch of its products, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

So even though you don’t have many flavor options, Toniq mushroom edible gummies hit all the main targets of a good gummy product. Check them out if you don’t mind a neutral flavoring similar to munching on a plain gelatin cube.

Best for Mild Concentrations: Batch

batch mushroom gummies

Are you particularly sensitive to the nootropic compounds found in mushroom gummies? The Batch formula is intended to provide a milder dose with a broader spread of ingredients. Even though the dose is smaller, the ingredients target many of the same effects. In other words, these mushroom gummies can use less to do more.

What can you expect? Well, Batch’s most popular gummies are a general-purpose blend. It’s intended to reduce brain fog, improve focus, and boost memory. Some reviewers believe these gentler formulations are the best mushroom gummies for anxiety, but these milder concentrations don’t work for everyone.

Like many brands, Batch makes use of its own proprietary blend. However, its blend isn’t particularly adventurous, sticking primarily to cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane. To be fair, many people consider these to be the three essential components of a healthy mushroom diet.

So, for a milder approach that’s less likely to rock the boat, consider checking out Batch.

Mushroom Supplements FAQ

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What are mushroom gummies?

Mushroom gummies are an advanced version of the mushroom supplements people have used for generations. They combine the bioactive ingredients found in mushrooms with an extra boost, like vitamins or a flavoring element. So, even if you don’t enjoy the taste of mushrooms, you can likely find a mushroom gummy you’ll enjoy.

Do mushroom gummies really work?

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for millennia. The reason they work is simple — they offer a high nutrient content. This load includes essential digestive enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and other bioactive materials.

Mushrooms’ benefits are often described as mild but noticeable, though things can be more intense with certain brands and at specific dosages.

How fast these gummies work is another question. Some effects only develop slowly over months, while others are nearly instantaneous. For example, one Japanese study found participants had notable cognitive improvement after four months of taking Lion’s Mane extract.

What do mushroom gummies do?

Mushroom-infused gummies can do many things. Shiitake and Turkey Tail are good for the immune system. Lion’s Mane benefits memory, while the Cordyceps mushroom is recommended for energy and endurance. Any added supplements can further enhance the benefits of mushroom gummies.

Are mushroom gummies good for you?

If you have a perfect diet and get every necessary nutrient in the correct proportions, many mushroom extract gummies will do little more for you. Mushroom gummies are good for balancing an erratic diet by adding essential nutrients you might be missing.

How often should you take mushroom gummies?

Some people take mushroom gummies on an as-needed basis. For instance, people who want an occasional energy boost from the cordyceps mushroom will take some only when required.

Other people take mushroom gummies for general health purposes; those brands will recommend a daily dose. However, it’s essential to follow the dosing guidelines associated with each brand. The potency and specific ingredients included within mushroom gummies can vary widely.

What are the side effects of mushroom gummies?

Consuming mushroom gummies is associated with few side effects, and mushroom supplements are considered well-tolerated. However, some people may experience stomach discomfort when taking very high doses. If you experience pain, you should stop taking gummies and consult a doctor or nutritionist.

It’s also important to look at the non-mushroom ingredients found in gummies. For instance, some gummies are formulated with D3; taking D3 before bed is known to interrupt sleep patterns.

Mushroom Supplement Solutions

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With the number of great mushroom-infused gummies out there, you’ve got plenty of options. People looking for tasty gummies have options, people looking for alternatives to mushroom powders have options, and people trying to find a better night’s sleep have options.

But the best mushroom gummy will always be the one that serves your needs. And for people looking to add a little pep to their step, that means trying Goomz before anything else.

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