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9 Lion’s Mane Gummies Benefits (In-Depth Look)

Lion’s mane mushrooms look like hairy white pom poms, growing worldwide on trees, logs, and stumps. But they’re not used in mushroom gummies because they’re visually fascinating; they’re used for the benefits they provide. Today we explore — in depth — precisely what those Lion’s mane gummies benefits are.

There are many different types of functional mushroom gummies, but Lion’s mane gummies provide more health benefits than most. Whether you want to ease anxiety, reduce inflammation, or improve mental clarity and focus, Lion’s mane gummies are likely the best solution for you.

9 Benefits of Lion’s Mane Gummies

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The health benefits of lion’s mane gummies are numerous. From improving brain function to supporting heart and gut health, here are some ways that Lion’s mane mushrooms can improve your overall health:

1. Supporting Cognitive Function

Lion’s mane is sometimes called the “smart mushroom” because it helps support brain health and improve cognitive function. Taking Lion’s mane mushroom gummies for brain health can improve mental clarity, enhance memory, and reduce brain fog.

Data from a placebo-controlled double-blind study indicates that Lion’s mane shows promise in improving cognitive function and mood. People using Lion’s mane have shown improvement in cognitive test scores, and studies show that scores dropped when people stopped adding Lion’s mane to their dietary routines.

Whether you take Lion’s mane mushroom gummies for focus or use Lion’s mane mushroom supplements for ADHD, there is a bonus: They might protect against dementia.

Lion’s mane contains hericenones and erinacines, two compounds that can stimulate brain cell growth. Animal studies show that these compounds can protect against Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss associated with dementia.

2. Reducing Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can lead to a variety of dangerous health conditions, such as heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, Crohn's disease, and gastrointestinal disorders. Lion’s mane supplements and mushroom gummies can help fight oxidative stress caused by free radicals, which can reduce inflammation.

Lion’s mane mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants lessen the harmful effects of free radicals — unstable molecules in the body that can cause damage to healthy cells, essential lipids, and vital proteins.

Free radical damage can increase one's risk for various health conditions, so anything one can do to fight its effects is good for general wellness.

Most free radicals can contribute to liver damage, stroke, autoimmune disease, and other severe health conditions. This study assesses the antioxidant properties of Lion’s mane extract and how it can help treat oxidative stress disorders.

3. Improving Mental Health

Lion’s mane’s inflammation-reducing properties can also help improve users’ mental health. Chronic inflammation is a contributing factor in anxiety, major depressive disorder, and other psychological conditions.

Few human studies prove this benefit, but laboratory studies in mice indicate that the anti-inflammatory effect of Lion’s mane can reduce anxiety symptoms.

This effect can also improve the function of the hippocampus — the part of the brain that processes emotional responses. Researchers believe it may have the same effect in humans and reduce feelings of irritation and anxiety.

Remember that Lion’s mane is only one of many functional mushrooms that provide mental health benefits. Mushroom gummies like our GOOMZ chews — which also contain Cordyceps mushrooms that increase energy and Kanna to boost your mood — can aid in mental health in multiple ways.

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4. Improving Immune Function

Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries — partly because they improve immune function.

A robust immune system helps stave off occasional illnesses, common infections, and deadly diseases. When the immune system is weak, illnesses and infections can easily find their way in.

More research is needed into the immune-boosting effects of Lion’s mane, but laboratory rodent research indicates that it may be able to affect the human immune system positively.

5. Improved Gut Health

There are good and bad gut bacteria, and consuming Lion’s mane promotes the development of a gut microbiome that favors the first type. This balance improves digestive health and boosts immune function.

The immune system works best when healthy bacteria predominate in the gut. Lion’s mane mushrooms contain probiotics that encourage healthy microbe production and reduce inflammation in the gut. Inflammation promotes the growth of harmful gut bacteria, while the healthy gut bacteria that develop in uninflamed guts protect against all sorts of gastrointestinal issues.

Scientific evidence suggests that in addition to boosting healthy gut bacteria levels, Lion’s mane mushrooms can also thicken the mucus in the stomach lining, preventing ulcer formation. Lion’s mane can also slow the growth of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a form of bacteria linked to stomach ulcers.

6. Supporting Cardiovascular Health

Scientific evidence suggests that Lion’s mane mushroom gummies can reduce high blood pressure, lower harmful cholesterol levels, and improve metabolism and blood circulation. Animal studies show that Lion’s mane can lower levels of triglycerides and speed up fat metabolism in the body.

As mentioned earlier, Lion’s mane can reduce oxidative stress, which is crucial to understanding how medicinal mushroom gummies can improve heart health.

Oxidized cholesterol molecules harden when they attach to artery walls, increase the risk of blood clotting, and boost one’s risk for heart attack and stroke. Lion’s mane mushrooms counteract these effects, supporting heart health and reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease.

7. Helping Fight Cancer

Scientists are exploring how lion’s mane and other functional mushrooms may help the human body fight cancer. Cancer fungotherapy is in its infancy, yet initial studies indicate that Lion’s mane and other functional mushrooms may be able to slow the growth of cancer cells.

Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. In laboratory research, adding Lion’s mane extract to test tubes with human cancer cells has been shown to cause cancerous cells to die faster and to slow the growth of additional cancer cells.

8. Managing Diabetes

Studies suggest that Lion’s mane can be beneficial in managing diabetes. For people with diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels is critical, and Lion’s mane can help.

Many people with diabetes are prescribed medications known as alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (AGIs).

AGIs limit the absorption of carbs in the small intestine, blocking the activity of the alpha-glucosidase enzyme and lowering blood sugar levels. Lion’s mane has this same ability.

Data collected from animal studies also shows that Lion’s mane can help reduce diabetic nerve pain in the extremities. Researchers believe that the antioxidants in Lion’s mane contribute to its pain-reducing capabilities.

More human studies are needed to understand how Lion’s mane may benefit diabetes management fully, but the results from lab and animal studies are promising.

9. Aid in Recovery From Nervous System Injuries

Lion’s mane mushrooms may have the ability to improve nerve regeneration. Compounds found in the mushroom and its extracts stimulate nerve growth factor (NGF), which can help grow new brain cells. This supplementation may prove beneficial to people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or stroke.

Laboratory studies in animals show that some compounds in Lion’s mane mushrooms may be able to halt the progression of TBI, ischemic stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. We need more scientific research on humans to discover all the therapeutic benefits of Lion’s mane on nervous system injuries, but the data extracted from animal studies is promising.

Scientists are further exploring the nerve-regenerating properties of Lion’s mane to see if it may also benefit those with Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

This study, published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, provides supporting data on how Lion’s mane can promote neuron growth and nerve regeneration.

What Are Some of the Best Lion’s Mane Gummies on the Market?

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Lion’s mane mushrooms offer many potential health benefits, but they’re not the only variety of fungi that can improve your overall health and wellness. If you want to experience Lion’s mane mushroom benefits and additional health assistance from other functional mushrooms, look no further than GOOMZ.

Our GOOMZ Focus Energy Gummies are some of the best Lion’s mane mushroom gummies available. Flavored like pineapple lemonade, they feature our proprietary blend of high-potency Lion’s mane extract, top-tier Cordyceps mushroom extract, Kanna, energy terpenes, and natural-source caffeine.

The included Lion’s mane extract improves mental clarity, reduces brain fog, and improves focus, while the Cordyceps extract increases energy in tandem with the terpenes and caffeine. Kanna balances out the whole formulation by calming you down and reducing any anxiety.

This unique combination of ingredients helps boost physical energy and mood simultaneously, making GOOMZ Focus Energy Gummies some of the best mushroom supplements for energy, focus, and anxiety reduction.

If you prefer to feel calm and euphoric rather than energized, check out our GOOMZ Euphoria Gummies with Lion’s mane and blue lotus.

Made with our high-potency Lion’s mane extract, these gummies relieve anxiety and depression and help you chill. We also offer GOOMZ Sleep Gummies, with relaxing Kava and anti-inflammatory Reishi functional mushrooms that soothe the nerves and promote more restful sleep.

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Are Lion’s Mane Gummies Safe to Take?

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Mushroom gummies are generally considered safe, but like all herbal supplements and vitamins, they may not be ideal for everyone. Many Lion’s mane mushroom gummies contain additional functional mushrooms and other ingredients, which may not be safe for all consumers.

For example, if you have high blood pressure or a cardiovascular condition like AFib, you should avoid gummies that contain caffeine.

Be mindful of all the ingredients in the gummies you take. Lion’s mane is well-tolerated by most people, but other ingredients could pose health risks. If you have existing medical conditions or take prescription medications, consult your physician before adding a mushroom gummy to your daily routine.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Lion’s Mane Gummies?

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Lion’s mane mushrooms offer many potential benefits, but all functional mushrooms have potential side effects. Before consuming Lion’s mane gummies, consider these possible risks:

Gastrointestinal Discomfort

Lion's mane gummies' most common side effects are stomach discomfort, nausea, and bloating. Everyone has a different tolerance level for mushrooms, so it’s best to start with a low dose to see how your body reacts.

Allergic Reaction

Consuming Lion’s mane is terrible if you have a known mushroom allergy. Depending on your sensitivity levels, even a tiny amount of Lion’s mane may trigger an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions may cause mild symptoms like itching and skin rash or severe symptoms like deep swelling or difficulty breathing.

Negative Drug Interactions

Lion’s mane mushrooms may slow blood clotting, so exercise caution if you take anticoagulants or antiplatelet medications that do the same. Combining Lion’s mane with such drugs can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising.

Do Lion’s mane benefits outweigh the risks? For most people, the answer is yes. For some, it’s a resounding no.

Lion’s Mane Gummies’ Benefits Are Real

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The benefits of Lion’s mane gummies are undeniable. Lion’s mane is proven to improve gastroenterological, neurological, cardiovascular, and mental health. Ingesting its many functional compounds can enhance immune function, reduce inflammation, manage diabetes, and help you recover from nervous system injuries. It may even help fight cancer.

But not all Lion’s mane gummies contain the same ingredients or produce the same effects.

If you want great-tasting gummies that improve mental clarity, enhance focus, and increase energy, opt for GOOMZ. Our GOOMZ Focus Energy Gummies provide all the benefits of Lion’s mane, energizing Cordyceps mushrooms, relaxing Kanna, and a hint of caffeine for an added boost.

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