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9 Best Mushroom Gummies for Energy (2024)

People react to supplements in different ways. Some are sensitive to caffeine, while others can drink coffee and go to sleep. Mushroom supplements are no different. Differing concentrations of key ingredients can change your experience, as can differing methods of harvesting the mushrooms.

When your supplements use more than one active ingredient, your experience can change even more. That’s why picking mushroom gummies for energy can be tricky. It’s not as simple as taking a hefty dose of Cordyceps; there can be some relatively significant differences between gummy brands.

Best Mushroom Gummies for Energy

Best Overall - Goomz

A bag of Goomz mushroom gummies

You want a blend of multiple ingredients to get the best experience with mushroom gummies. Our Goomz energy blend is unlike any other out there.

Combining Lion’s mane, Kanna, and Cordyceps ensures you get more of a boost to your energy levels than any single ingredient can offer. A small dose of added natural caffeine helps to accentuate those effects, so you can start feeling energized in as little as five minutes.

In addition to boosting energy levels, Goomz gummies are great mood enhancers, anxiety reducers, and relaxation inducers. Regular users often report an improved sense of well-being.

Many people take mushroom powders and wonder if they feel any differently at all. With Goomz, there’s no uncertainty — it’s an intense experience. You can feel the results for yourself; try a bag of GOOMZ Focus Energy Gummies today.

Fungies Mango & Pineapple Mushroom Gummies

A bottle of Fungies mushroom gummies against a grey background.

People love Fungies, and for good reason. These Cordyceps mushroom gummies are based on a caffeine-free blend that bolsters alertness without any chance of residual jitters.

Fungies has infused its blend with mango and pineapple extracts to balance out mushroom powders' naturally bitter flavor. These extracts do a pretty good job of masking the bitterness without becoming overly sweet.

The weak point of these gummies is that they’re only based on Cordyceps. Cordyceps are excellent for boosting energy, but you won’t get the best experience or results.

The company's lack of sophistication in its formula is a big part of what makes Fungies gummies highly affordable. So, if you want something simple and inexpensive, check out Fungies.

Super Mush Tangerine Crush

A can of SuperMush energy gummies next to three gummies, floating in the clouds.

Tangerine Crush was originally an energy mouth spray. The formula that worked so well in the spray form is in these gummies, plus or minus a bit of sugar.

These gummies are built around Cordyceps, Lion’s mane, Rhodiola, and Ginseng. Adding Rhodiola is an interesting choice. It’s well known to increase energy and stamina but can add side effects like dry mouth or dizziness.

With no added sugar, these energy mushroom gummies are a tad on the bitter side. Pear juice concentrate, monk fruit extract, apple extract, citric acid, and tangerine flavoring even out the flavor.

One downside is that these gummies’ dosing guidelines suggest you take at least two gummies every day. If you try taking one or half of one, you won’t feel the results. That makes these gummies a tad inflexible and a bit less economical.

However, the company sources its ingredients from mushroom fruiting bodies, so the quality of the supplements is undoubtedly there. If you’re looking for a Rhodiola-based formula, check out Super Mush Tangerine Crush.

Fling Super Shroom

A dark brown bag of Fling Super Shroom mushroom gummies over a brown mushroom background.

Sometimes, the best way to solve an energy issue is to throw the kitchen sink at the problem. Unless you’re getting a blood test every few months or planning every meal, you never know what might be missing from your diet.

Fling Super Shrooms are not mushroom gummies made specifically for energy. They’re a ten-mushroom blend designed to impact everything from memory and focus to the immune system and brain health. That approach makes these gummies an excellent example of mushroom gummies for focus.

The formula includes obvious additions like Lion’s mane and Reishi and less apparent inclusions like Black Fungus and Royal Sun Extract. Adding natural flavors, like raspberry, does a great job of masking the bitter taste of the mushroom extracts used in this formula. With 90 gummies in a bottle, it's hard to say these aren’t cost-effective.

However, the unfocused nature of these gummies can mean not everyone will experience an energy boost. Some people will feel relaxed more than anything else. Another minor complaint is that the brand’s containers don’t appear airtight, which can cause its gummies to get hard over time.

But if you’re looking for something that does more than just boost your energy, consider trying Fling Super Shroom.

Mushroom Revival

A sealed yellow bag of Mushroom Revival energy gummies against a grey background.

Mushroom Revival is another example of a brand focusing heavily on a single mushroom. In this case, we’re looking at Cordyceps gummies.

These gummies are based on a 10:1 extract. That means that for every ten pounds of functional mushrooms used, the company collects one pound of potent extract. The results are far more powerful than those of mushroom formulations that aren’t based on extracts.

The lemon juice flavoring won’t be a favorite for everyone, but it nicely rides the line between being sweet and too sweet. With a bit of organic cane sugar, it’s fair to say these gummies are about as sweet as a typical gummy candy.

Another thing that makes Mushroom Revival stand out is its competitive offers for people who purchase two or three packs at once. The company's subscription service makes its Cordyceps gummies less expensive for people willing to have them delivered regularly.

If you’re looking for boosted energy levels using nothing but Cordyceps, it's worth checking out Mushroom Revival.

Super Mushroom Daily Gummies

Two pill bottles full of Super Mushroom Daily Gummies, with one bear-shaped gummy in front of both bottles.

Some people prefer to take a wide range of mushrooms. Super Mushroom Daily Gummies offer a 30-mushroom blend that provides a broad range of brain, immune function, and energy benefits.

The problem with these kinds of formulas is their inherent lack of focus. If you want an instant energy boost, like you might get from a cup of coffee, you can’t get that from these functional mushroom gummies. But if you’re looking for a milder boost in energy that persists in the background over weeks, these can work nicely.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the dosages in this product flexibly. There are so many mushrooms involved that it would be easy to have adverse effects if you tried more gummies than recommended. Similar problems exist for smaller dosages.

All that said, these gummies are a great way to get your hands on a 30-mushroom blend for general health. So, check out Super Mushroom Daily Gummies if you’re looking for a multivitamin-like mushroom supplement.

Pure Kana

A sealed bottle of Pure Kana mushroom gummies.

Three things make Pure Kana gummies special. First and foremost, they are sourced from high-quality Cordyceps, which isn’t always the case with mushroom energy gummies.

Next, they have a vegan-friendly formulation that won’t create difficulties for people on unique diets. These gummies are made with inoffensive, non-GMO ingredients that anyone should be able to enjoy.

Last but not least, these Cordyceps gummies offer compelling cost savings for people who subscribe to the manufacturer’s delivery service, though the pricing of their non-subscription gummies is considerably higher.

As far as their efficacy is concerned, Pure Kana delivers everything you want from Cordyceps. It’s somewhat ironic that Pure Kana contains no Kanna Root. But to add a little boost to your day, you can certainly give Pure Kana a shot.

Mojo Gummies

A sealed bag of Mojo energy gummies.

Flavor options can be great, and Mojo Gummies excels at providing them. The company's strawberry tangerine, blueberry lavender, and pomegranate hibiscus formulations all have the same brain-boosting effects.

Another thing we like about Mojo Gummies is their multi-mushroom formula. Lion’s mane and Cordyceps do most of the heavy lifting in this proprietary blend, but they’re complemented by Ginseng and L-theanine for an extra boost. That’s great for reducing brain fog and potentially raising productivity.

Though results depend on dosage options, Mojo’s done an excellent job of spelling those out clearly — you can take as little as half of one cube of these energy mushroom gummies for a slight boost in focus as needed.

Because of the nootropics being used here, Mojo suggests you spend at least two days each week NOT taking its gummies.

The primary ingredient in these treats is organic tapioca syrup, which provides a baseline level of sweetness before the addition of citric acid from lemons. There are no added sugars, but the baseline sweetness is still fairly high. So, if you’re looking for great flavor options, check out Mojo Gummies.

Mamie’s Apothecary

A box of Mamie's Apothecary pineapple flavored energy gummies against a white void, with two gummies in front of the box.

Rise Up Energy & Focus Gummies are a vegan blend made with an exciting proprietary formula. It’s based mainly on Lion’s mane, which has well-demonstrated effects on concentration.

But the manufacturer has also added a variety of nootropics. The big ones are Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A, which support neurotransmitters related to memory and alertness. When combined with L-theanine and Ashwagandha, you really do get a smooth release of energy without jitters.

Like Goomz, Mamie’s Apothecary uses a small amount of caffeine to give you a little added boost — about as much as you’d get from a cup of green tea. The goal is to deliver focus and clarity that doesn’t end up giving you a crash at the end, and it works.

Because nootropics affect people differently, it’s hard to say these gummies will work for everyone. But they should work for many. This formula makes Mamie’s Apothecary’s products an excellent example of mushroom gummies for brain health.

While many brands are hesitant to use added sugars, Maine’s Apothecary is not. These gummies are sweeter than some types of candy. There’s more sugar in a bag of these gummies than you’ll find in a 20 oz container of your favorite soda.

If you enjoy sweet things and are interested in nootropics, check out Mamie’s Apothecary.

Energizing Mushroom Gummies FAQ

A multi-colored arrangement of 14 mushroom gummies against a white background.

Do mushroom gummies for energy actually work?

Mushroom supplements have been used medically for millennia. They’ve also been studied exhaustively in thousands of dietary studies, and mushroom gummies for athletic performance have an extensive usage history.

Mushroom gummies take the same elements used in traditional mushroom supplements and bring them into a new format. This formulation allows you to get all of the most critical mushroom gummies benefits without the drawbacks of bitter, dry mushroom powders.

What types of mushrooms are best for energy?

While many mushrooms can increase energy, the best are Cordyceps and Lion’s mane. That’s why energy gummies are nearly always some variant of cordyceps mushroom gummies.

If you want the best possible experience, it can combine several energizing mushrooms with other natural energizing ingredients. That’s nearly always how the best mushroom supplements for energy are crafted.

What is the best dosage of mushroom gummies for energy?

No matter the brand, the best mushroom gummies always provide detailed dosage guidelines. It’s essential to follow those guidelines because even if you know the precise amount of Cordyceps you want in your dose, you might not know the exact dosage information for every ingredient.

Most brands will tell you to take one or two per day, but it also depends on the kind of effect you want to experience. For example, with Goomz, a single gummy is more than enough to give you a little focus boost. You can also take as many as three if you want something more intense.

Are mushroom gummies for energy safe?

To understand the safety of energizing mushroom gummies, you must first know what they are. The short answer is that gummies usually combine several common supplements, and daily energy gummies are no different.

That means most mushroom gummies are about as safe as caffeine or Cordyceps. Some people do experience higher sensitivity to those substances. Still, it’s fair to say that mushroom gummies for daily energy are about as safe, if not safer, than drinking your favorite type of coffee.

What are the potential side effects of mushroom gummies for energy?

The best functional mushroom supplements are made from different kinds of mushrooms, which means their side effects can vary. The most common side effects of Cordyceps include upset stomach, dry mouth, and nausea. The most common side effects of caffeine include fast heartbeat, dizziness, and headache.

People with some types of health conditions — like diabetes or bleeding disorders — should also avoid taking Cordyceps.

Picking Mushroom Gummies for Energy

There are many different ways to get energy, from caffeine to cordyceps. While a barebones approach will work well for some people, the most effective mushroom gummies generally use a broader formula that provides energy with more than one ingredient.

If you want a comprehensive formula that will give you results, start by trying GOOMZ Focus Energy Gummies. They’re powerful energy supplements that go beyond what you’d expect from a strong cup of tea or coffee.

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