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4 Best Mushroom Gummies for Euphoria (2024)

While the laws surrounding the possession and use of “magic mushrooms” are evolving, psilocybin is still illegal in most of the US. That’s why so many people who love psychedelics are opting to take euphoria mushroom gummies instead.

Euphoria mushroom gummies won’t make you see pink elephants or taste colors, but they can relax your mind and body, allowing you to unwind, calm down, and chill out in the best way possible.

If you’re ready for a unique edible experience, the article below lists the best euphoria mushroom gummies to try now.

Best Euphoria Mushroom Gummies

GOOMZ Euphoria Gummies

Package of Goomz Euphoria Mushroom Gummies

At GOOMZ, we have earned a reputation for making some of the best mushroom gummies on the market, but our Euphoria Gummies are taking us to the next level. How? With our proprietary blend of Lion’s mane mushroom extract, terpenes, and Blue lotus.

Lion’s mane mushrooms contain active ingredients that help relieve anxiety and depression, reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system. Terpenes induce euphoria, promote relaxation, and help you unwind. The addition of Blue lotus helps enhance your mood and relax your mind.

Whether you want to relax and unwind at home or chill at a party without drinking alcohol or using forbidden chemicals, GOOMZ Euphoria Gummies are the way to do it.

These gummies not only make you feel good but also taste amazing. With a powerful blend of strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry flavors, they’re as much a treat for your taste buds as for your mind.

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Cutleaf Euphoria Mushroom Gummies

Package of Cutleaf Euphoria Mushroom Gummies

With 20 mg of CBD live rosin and 10 mg hemp-derived THC in each gummy, Cutleaf Euphoria Mushroom Gummies are designed to evoke positive vibes.

Each gummy contains a proprietary blend of nootropic mushrooms, available in three delicious sunset/nighttime flavors and three yummy sunrise/daytime options. Take the sunset gummies at night to feel relaxed, calm, and chill at the end of a long day. Try the sunrise gummies to increase mental clarity so you can tackle the day ahead without the jitters and other downsides of caffeine.

Despite the trippy feeling that Cutleaf Euphoria Gummies create, they do not contain any psilocybin. It’s THC that makes these gummies psychoactive.

Cutleaf recommends you take one gummy to start and wait about 30 to 60 minutes to feel the effects.

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Shroom Living Euphoria Gummies

Bottle of Shroom Living Euphoria Gummies

Despite the colorful, psychedelic bottle, Shroom Living Euphoria Gummies won’t make you hallucinate like magic mushrooms do — but they will produce a trippy effect.

These gummies are made with Lion’s mane and Cordyceps mushrooms — two functional mushrooms offering multiple health benefits. Lion’s mane mushrooms support brain health and enhance the immune system, while Cordyceps mushrooms boost energy and endurance.

But it’s not the functional mushrooms that make these gummies trippy. Kava kava and Damiana leaf are to thank for that.

Kava kava, sometimes called the “intoxicating pepper,” makes you happy and relaxed. Damiana leaf produces a natural high that can even relieve stomach aches. Shroom Living uses these ingredients to produce the desired euphoric effects, as opposed to the hemp byproducts and THC you’ll find in some other euphoric gummy brands.

Shroom Living recommends you take one gummy to start and wait about 1 to 2 hours to feel the effects.

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Mushroom Lyfe Mind Bending Euphoric Mushroom Gummies

Package of Mushroom Lyfe Mind Bending Mushroom Gummies

Relax your body and energize your mind with Mushroom Lyfe Mind Bending Euphoric Mushroom Gummies. Available in Purple Punch and Green Apple flavors, these gummies feature a unique blend of ingredients to mimic a “trippy” effect.

Instead of psilocybin, Mushroom Lyfe gummies include hemp extracts (Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, THCP, and THCa) and bioengineered muscimol to induce a relaxed, euphoric feeling. Muscimol exists naturally in Amanita mushrooms and produces psychoactive effects — which are functionally different from the psychedelic effects one experiences after consuming psilocybin mushrooms.

Mushroom Lyfe recommends you take one gummy and wait 30 to 45 minutes to feel the effects.

Shop Mushroom Lyfe Mind Bending Euphoric Mushroom Gummies here

Euphoric Mushroom Gummies FAQs

Purple crystal mushroom

Do Euphoria Mushroom Gummies Really Work?

Euphoria mushroom gummies do what they claim, but you must be realistic in your expectations.

If you expect euphoria gummies to produce the same effects as magic mushrooms, you may be disappointed. These gummies do not contain psilocybin, so they produce psychoactive effects rather than psychedelic effects.

Though euphoric gummies will not simulate an intense psychedelic experience, they can have other effects on the body. The benefits of mushroom gummies are boundless, and they can do everything from help you fall asleep to give you energy and ease anxiety, depending on the type of functional mushrooms they contain.

Mushrooms are powerful and have been used in ancient medicine for centuries. Extensive scientific research proves what they can and can’t do. Euphoria mushroom gummies have not been researched or studied extensively, so the only real way to know if they’ll work for you is to try them.

How Do Euphoria Mushroom Gummies Make You Feel?

How you’ll feel depends on which gummies you take. As the name suggests, most euphoria mushroom gummies induce a blissful sensation that leaves you feeling relaxed and calm.

But since every brand includes unique ingredients and blends, you may also feel additional effects.

  • If you want to feel happy and relaxed, choose gummies with Blue lotus or Kava kava.
  • If you want both your mind and body to feel at ease, opt for gummies with CBD, THC, or terpenes.
  • If you want mushroom gummies for anxiety, choose a brand that includes Lion’s mane mushrooms.
  • If you want to feel energized or alert, choose brands containing Cordyceps mushrooms or caffeine.

If you’re nervous about taking euphoric mushroom gummies for the first time, start with a microdose. Consuming a large dose, especially your first time, can result in a negative experience. It’s always best to start small and slowly increase your dosage to get the desired results.

How Often Can You Take Euphoria Mushroom Gummies?

Everybody responds differently to euphoria mushroom gummies. Body weight and metabolism directly affect tolerance level and how long it takes your body to process these sweet little chews.

Though there is no cut-and-dry answer to “how much is too much?” a good rule of thumb is to consume euphoria gummies in moderation.

Most brands recommend starting with a single gummy and then waiting until it kicks in to determine whether or not you should eat more. Some brands, like Cutleaf, recommend using their products for a “prolonged period” to achieve maximum effectiveness. It depends on how you respond and other factors.

For example, it’s widely known that when consuming functional mushroom gummies as supplements, it’s best to take them daily for full benefits. But euphoria mushroom gummies are a bit different.

Because euphoric gummies can produce psychoactive or psychotropic effects, it is not safe to take them while driving or operating heavy machinery. In addition, prolonged and repeated consumption of substances such as THC and muscimol may also have adverse effects on your physical or mental health.

How Quickly Does it Take For the Effect of Euphoria Mushroom Gummies to Kick In?

Most euphoria mushroom gummies kick in within 30 to 60 minutes, though some kick in faster, and others may take up to two hours.

No matter what brand you choose, it’s essential to read the packaging label so you know what to expect. If 30 minutes pass and you still don’t feel anything, don’t assume you should take another dose. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions and wait the maximum time it suggests before eating another gummy.

It’s important to note that some gummies hit hard and fast, while others take longer to work. If you have experience eating euphoria gummies but choose to test out another brand, do not assume that they will produce the same effects or kick in at the same speed.

Are Mushroom Gummies for Euphoria Safe for You?

Mushroom gummies for euphoria are generally considered safe with moderate consumption. However, it is essential to note that since they can produce psychoactive effects, there are certain activities you should avoid when using these products.

It is not safe to drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery after eating euphoric gummies. Whether you eat small doses of euphoric mushroom gummies to ease anxiety or large doses to have a potentially “trippy” experience, euphoric gummies can alter your visual and auditory perception.

You should also avoid mixing euphoric gummies with other substances, including alcohol. When combined with alcohol or other substances, mind-altering gummies can have adverse side effects that could potentially be dangerous.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of Taking Mushroom Gummies for Euphoria?

Most people react well to euphoria mushroom gummies, but potential side effects exist:

Nausea and Stomach Pain

The most common side effects of euphoric mushroom gummies are nausea and stomach discomfort. Though such issues are usually temporary, consuming large doses of gummies may cause more significant discomfort.

Dizziness and Confusion

Euphoric gummies affect the brain, and dizziness and confusion may occur, especially when taking these supplements for the first time. Consuming in small doses is the best way to gauge your tolerance and better control the experience.

Allergic Reactions

Do not eat euphoric gummies if you have a mushroom allergy or are allergic to any of the other ingredients. Allergic reactions can present in various ways, from mild rashes to severe breathing difficulties.

Mushroom gummies are generally considered safe, but if you have underlying health concerns or take prescription medications, consult your physician to determine if they’re safe for you.

Where to Buy Euphoria Mushroom Gummies

Multicolor gummies and gummy bears

When you want a relaxed, chill, euphoric feeling, all four brands we reviewed above will do the trick, but GOOMZ is our favorite by far.

With terpenes to induce euphoria, Blue lotus to enhance your mood, and Lion’s mane mushrooms to relax you and ease anxiety, our GOOMZ Euphoria Gummies are super effective. But remember — just because they taste delicious doesn’t mean you should eat them like candy. Just eat one, sit back, and enjoy the euphoric ride.

Shop Goomz Euphoria Gummies here

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