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The 7 Best Mushroom Gummies for Anxiety in 2024

Open any social media feed today, and you're bound to see a reel touting the health benefits of functional mushrooms. Do a little search, and you'll find countless brands selling mushroom supplements in the form of tinctures, capsules, and powders, including mushroom gummies for anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, taking mushrooms in these forms can be hard on your taste buds. Even the most devoted mushroom supplement fanatics would agree it's an acquired taste.

Of course, there's mushroom "coffee," but even that might not be everyone's cup of tea (or coffee, in this case). Many of us aren't ready to part with our morning caffeine ritual yet.

Mushroom gummies have become popular in recent years — especially those that treat anxiety. They're a fun and easy way to reap the countless health benefits of mushrooms. Plus, they actually taste pretty good.

Many modern mushroom gummy brands maximize that taste while delivering all the anti-anxiety benefits you'd expect. And unlike, say, CBD gummies, you'll actually feel something when you take these supplements.

Most modern mushroom gummies were developed through years of trial and error. After struggling to find mushroom supplements that made a noticeable impact on how we felt, those in the mushroom gummy field decided to do something about it — we made our own!

Today, we're here to share the wisdom gleaned from this process by bringing you our list of the best mushroom gummies to relieve stress and induce a greater sense of calm. If you're ready to jump on the mushroom bandwagon but need help figuring out where to start, this is the guide for you.

So, are you ready to get started feeling better?

What To Look for When Buying Mushroom Gummies

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If you want to find the best mushroom gummies on the market, there are a few things you should look out for to ensure you get the best mushroom supplement for anxiety.

1. Types of Mushrooms Used

Unlike traditional supplements that blend a variety of Vitamins into one convenient package, most mushroom gummies don't mix. You'll often see a single strain name on the front of the package, like Lion's Mane, Reishi, or Turkey Tail.

2. The Benefits You're Looking For

Not all mushroom gummies provide the same benefits, and finding the right one for you will depend on what effect you're looking for. For example, Lion's Mane mushroom boosts cognitive function and mental clarity. Reishi mushrooms, meanwhile, are sought after for stress relief and immune system support.

3. Quality and Purity of Ingredients

Not all Mushroom gummy supplements are created equal. Ensure your mushroom gummies are made from high-quality extracts. Also, prioritize brands that use the “fruiting body" of the mushroom. This above-ground element is the part of the mushroom that contains the most potent beneficial compounds.

4. Dosage and Potency

Look at the label of your mushroom gummy to understand how much of the active ingredient you're getting per gummy. Some mushroom gummies are designed for micro-dosing, while others offer a more potent dose in a single bite.

5. Flavor and Taste

If you're not a fan of the flavor of mushrooms but still want to reap the overall health benefits, you should definitely take note of the taste. Ideally, the best mushroom gummies taste good while delivering the wellness boost you crave.

6. Trustworthiness

Always be cautious when encountering a brand that makes outlandish claims. Mushroom gummy supplements can do much to enhance your overall well-being, but they are not miracle cures. They are a more convenient and tasty way to ingest naturally occurring mushrooms.

7. Reviews

The best mushroom gummies will provide user testimonials to back up their claims. Look for a series of verified reviews that coincide with the claims made by the brand. At the same time, the market is constantly developing, so you shouldn't discredit a new brand just because they're new.

8. Purchasing Options

Like any wellness routine, the key to getting the most out of mushroom gummies is taking them consistently. Many online retailers offer subscription programs that make maintaining a steady supply of supplements easy.

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1. The Best Overall Mushroom Gummies for Anxiety: Goomz Mushrooms

a resealable bag of Goomz Mushroom Gummies in Strawberry flavor

Goomz is on a mission to offer a mushroom supplement unlike any other! In the world of tired (or, dare we say, boring) mushroom gummies that only offer one flavor, Goomz is proud to stand out. We offer a blend of natural ingredients and delicious flavors that merge with synchronicity to deliver various health benefits.

While you've probably heard of popular mushroom varieties like Reishi or Lion's Mane, Goomz does things a little differently. Instead of forcing consumers to choose between varieties, these gummies opt for a proprietary nootropic formula.

This unique approach makes Goomz one of the most innovative brands on the market. No other single gummy can boost cognitive function, enhance mental clarity, and provide natural stress relief — all while also providing immune support.

What's actually in Goomz Mushroom Gummies?

What's the secret to making the best mushroom gummies? The secret is putting in only the best ingredients. Various active ingredients, including Cordyceps, Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Reishi, come together to deliver maximum effectiveness.

But we didn't stop there. We also added a healthy dose of Kava Root for relaxation and bliss. Rounding out the list of active ingredients are natural caffeine (for a small jolt), Blue Lotus Flower (for added energy), and Kanna Plant (for a bit of extra fuel).

Are they magic mushrooms or psychedelics?

No. Our mushroom gummies will not make you hallucinate, trip out, or get “high” in way, shape, or form. Our product is made from legal, beneficial mushrooms commercially available for consumption throughout the United States.

How do Goomz mushroom gummies make you feel?

Our unique mushroom gummies provide a sense of bliss and emotional well-being. You can expect to experience introspective thoughts and insights. You may gain new perspectives on thoughts, feelings, or your life in general.

Additionally, many users report enhanced creativity. Novel thought patterns emerge, along with heightened sensory perception and a sense of being present in the moment.

What do they taste like?

Goomz Mushroom Gummies come in four unique flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, and Berry Blast. Each flavor is designed to capture the unique, crisp sweetness of the respective fruit and offer a brief escape into delicious bliss.

Who made that excellent label?

Our label was designed in collaboration with local artists and mushroom aficionados from our hometown. We believe it represents the unique power and energy of the fantastic fruiting bodies we pack into every gummy.

Shop Goomz Mushroom Gummies here.

2. The Most Potent: Purify Life World's First 10-Plex Mushroom Gummies

a jar of Purify Life Mushroom Gummies

Most of the products on this list contain anywhere from 500 mg to 1000 mg of mushroom extract per serving. However, these Lion's Mane gummies from Purify Life contain a whopping 2,500 mg! If you're looking for the greatest potency in a single gummy, these are some of the best mushroom gummies you can buy.

While most brands offer the standard 'big three' varieties (Lion's mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi mushrooms), these contain a unique 10-mushroom complex. The strains included are Maitake, Shiitake, Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, White Button, Black Fungus, and Royal Sun Extract.

Users report that the “natural raspberry flavor” tastes more like raisins or prunes, which may not be to everyone's liking. Another common complaint is that, despite taking the supplements for months, users just didn't feel anything.

While Purify Life manufactures various gummy supplements, they only offer a handful of mushroom gummies. So, if there are certain specific mushrooms you're interested in, you may have to look elsewhere.

Visit their Amazon store to learn more.

3. Best Value for Money: Fungies Mushroom Gummies

bottles of fungies brand mushroom gummies

It's no secret that medicinal mushrooms are not the cheapest supplements on the market. Fungies offers an excellent option for those exploring the potential health benefits of mushroom gummies without breaking the bank.

The company offers three unique mushroom gummy varieties at just $19.95 a bottle. You can even get a Lion's Mane, Reishi, and cordyceps combo for only $39.95. This variety deal, combined with free shipping on all orders, makes Fungies noticeably cheaper than many brands on this list.

While Fungies offers some of the most affordable mushroom gummies on the market, they contain specific ingredients you should note. Vegetable oil and carnauba wax might not be to everyone's liking. There have also been a fair number of complaints about these gummies’ bitter taste.

Beyond that, the dosages of mushroom extracts are also questionable. For example, Fungies’ Lion's Mane gummies only contain 500mg of extract, roughly half of what most competitors offer as a standard dose.

To learn more about Fungies Mushroom Gummies, click here.

4. Best For Kids: Royal Mushroom Brain Health Mushroom Mix For Kids

a bottle of Royal Mushroom Gummies with strawberries beside it

Providing your kids with a head start on brain health is one of the best things you can do for them. Help your kids age gracefully, maintain cognitive functions, and lower their later-life risk of dementia and anxiety with these healthy treats.

While many children's supplements contain unhealthy high-fructose corn syrup, these gummies have only 4 g of sugar. Strawberry-flavored and specifically formulated for kids, these gummies contain Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Chaga mushrooms.

Reviewers claim these gummies help their kids in various ways, with greater mental clarity, enhanced immune health, and optimized stress relief chief among them. Sporting no artificial flavors and a list of potential health benefits, these gummies are a great alternative to traditional kid's vitamins. Plus, kids love the delicious taste.

That said, there are limited reviews visible on the company's website. Furthermore, some parents might question if "lowering the risk of dementia" is something that they really need to worry about. Ultimately, it will be up to parents to make the best decision for their children's health.

Learn more about Royal Mushroom's Gummies here.

5. Best for Sleep Aid: Plant People WonderSleep Mushroom Gummies

a bag of Plant People WonderSleep Mushroom Gummies in Wild Elderberry flavor

Want a mushroom gummy that won't just relax but lull you right to sleep? Plant People's WonderSleep can do just that!

With a potent blend of Reishi, saffron, GABA, corydalis, and chamomile, these mushroom gummies guarantee you'll wake up feeling refreshed, not groggy. Plus, they're sugar-free and contain no melatonin.

But how potent are these mushroom gummies? That bit is up for debate. Some users reported feeling no effect, while others said they only lasted a few hours.

Beyond that, shoppers should also take note of the recommended serving size. While the package contains 60 gummies, the serving size is 2. This setup means that each bottle effectively only includes a month's supply.

To try WonderSleep yourself, visit

6. Best Organic Option: Mushroom REVIVAL Calm Gummies

a pack of Mushroom REVIVAL Calm Gummies

Are you in the market for mushroom gummies that are USDA Certified Organic? Mushroom REVIVAL is your go-to. It has a robust product line featuring organic Lion's Mane, organic Reishi, and organic cordyceps (plus a proprietary "Daily 10" blend). Mushroom REVIVAL is one brand that has plenty to choose from.

Whether you want to enhance your immune system, boost your focus, optimize cognitive function, or relieve stress, you can rest easy knowing that these mushroom gummies contain only natural ingredients and flavors. Plus, they're gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO.

Mushroom REVIVAL even sells a starter kit that features all four formulations of its mushroom gummies in one convenient package. If you want to try other options beyond gummies, the company also sells a full line of functional mushroom extracts in tinctures, capsules, or powders.

Just note that it only offers free shipping on subscription orders or standard orders of $100 or more. Some reviewers have commented that the combined price is expensive.

Explore Mushroom REVIVAL's full line here.

7. Best for Chocolate Lovers: Alice Nightcap Mushroom Chocolates

stack of black tin cans of Alice Nightcap Mushroom Chocolates

Okay, these might not technically be mushroom gummies, but we're sure some of you reading this are more than interested in them. Alice offers mushroom chocolates to help calm your mind and promote deep, restful sleep.

These chocolates are made from fair trade organic dark chocolate and organic Reishi sourced exclusively from fruiting body mushrooms. Chamomile, L-theanine, magnesium, and zinc are added to help promote deep and restful sleep.

For anyone seeking greater mental clarity and focus, Alice also sells a "brainstorm" variety featuring organic Lion's Mane and organic Cordyceps.

One thing worth noting is that these chocolates are not cheap. A month's supply (two tins) will cost you over $50; free shipping is only available on orders over $65. Also, they're chocolate. While most people love this decadent treat, some don't. If you're one of those people, you'll want to avoid these at all costs.

Order Alice Mushroom Chocolates here.

FAQs About Mushroom Gummies

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Do mushroom gummies TASTE like mushrooms?

Generally speaking, no, although some customers report an unpleasant aftertaste with specific brands. All we can say is that Goomz mushrooms are some of the most delicious mushroom supplements you'll ever try. They're so good you might forget they're good for you!

Do mushroom gummies actually help with anxiety?

Yes, mushroom gummies can help reduce stress and anxiety. Taking mushroom gummies as a daily routine can effectively boost mood and brain function while optimizing immune support.

Plus, mushroom gummies are often low-carb, low-calorie, and low in sugar. These delicious gummies provide a terrific guilt-free treat that offers countless health benefits.

Is Reishi or Lion’s Mane better for anxiety?

Both Reishi and Lion's Mane mushrooms have unique benefits that help with managing anxiety. Lion's Mane is usually known for its nootropic brain supplement qualities. It is reported to enhance cognitive health and brain function.

The Reishi mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It is known for its calming effects and immune-enhancing properties. The Chinese have long known that this medicinal mushroom strengthens one’s “Qi” or "life force."

Which of these two mushroom gummies should you choose? Well, that depends on your individual needs. As with all medicinal mushrooms, the effectiveness depends on how your body responds. Try both mushroom varieties and see which one you like best.

What are the side effects of mushroom gummies for anxiety?

While mushroom gummies offer remarkable health benefits, they can sometimes have side effects. As with any supplement, there is always a chance of digestive discomfort or allergic reactions.

Although most brands use all-natural ingredients, vegetable oil, dietary fiber, sodium citrate, or citric acid may be added to preserve freshness or enhance flavor. Additionally, be aware that many brands choose to boost the taste of their gummies with sweeteners like stevia or cane sugar.

Are mushroom gummies safe?

Yes, mushroom gummies are generally considered safe to take. As always, you should consult a healthcare professional before implementing anything new to your wellness routine. Additionally, read all labels carefully and follow the recommended dosage.

If you're tired of supplements that don't work as you hope, consuming mushroom gummies can be a beneficial addition to your health routine.

Are mushroom gummies LEGAL?

Yes! To be clear, the mushroom gummies on this list ARE NOT made with psychedelic (magic) mushrooms. These mushroom supplements are designed and formulated to help you feel good, not get blasted.

These gummies may boost your mental clarity, enhance cognitive function, and bolster your immune system, but they WILL NOT get you "high" or make you hallucinate in any way.

Takeaways: Are Mushroom Gummies Right for You?

a man jumping on canyon

Mushrooms are functional foods and one of Mother Earth's natural elixirs. If your supplement routine has been feeling slightly uninspired lately, mushroom gummies may be the way to get back on track.

As the market becomes more aware of these fantastic fungi's remarkable benefits, we can only expect them to increase in popularity. And at Goomz, our goal is to bring these fruiting bodies to the masses.

These gummies aren't just about promoting good health. They’re about offering a delicious and unforgettable experience. All our products are made with natural flavors derived from real fruits. The result is a delicious treat that is unmatched by our competitors.

To get started with Goomz, explore our selection of fruit-flavored mushroom gummies. We may be biased, but ours are the best mushroom supplements for reducing stress and promoting a clearer mind.

Everyone's journey to optimal health is personal, but we're always standing by, ready to help. If you have any questions about our products or how they can help you become the best version of yourself, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to chatting with you!

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