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Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement (2024)

Not all Reishi mushroom supplements are equal. Different concentrations of beneficial compounds — the main bounty found in the best Reishi mushroom supplements — are found in different parts of the mushroom.

For example, the fruiting bodies of mushrooms growing above ground tend to have more beta-glucan than the mycelium that grows beneath it.

Because different supplement brands harvest different parts of mushrooms, what’s inside a mushroom supplement can vary widely. That means the best Reishi mushroom supplement will depend on what you want from your Reishi supplementation routine.

Someone trying to take advantage of Reishi's sleep-improving qualities might want to prioritize fast-acting bioavailability. Still, someone seeking to take advantage of a broader range of functional mushroom benefits might prioritize other things entirely.

Benefits aside, avoiding the bitter taste of mushroom powder can also be a top priority. So, which, exactly, are the best Reishi supplements?

Best Reishi Mushroom Supplements

Best Overall - Goomz

A bag of Goomz mushroom gummies.

Available in sweet flavors like Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Berry Blast, our Goomz gummies are among the most delicious mushroom supplements on the market. While other mushroom supplements try to hide the bitter taste of Reishi, Goomz transforms it into a treat you’re always looking forward to enjoying.

But we know what’s on the inside counts, which is why we're proud that Goomz’s medicinal blend is unlike that of any other functional mushroom gummy out there.

We make prominent use of Reishi to capture all its numerous benefits, but it doesn’t stop there. By adding Cordyceps, Lion’s mane, and Chaga mushroom varieties, Goomz multiplies the benefits our gummies offer by several orders of magnitude.

We also add Blue Lotus Flower to enhance mood, Kava Root for relaxation, and a touch of Kanna and caffeine for energy. Many people take regular Reishi supplements and can’t feel the results, but with Goomz, the results speak for themselves. Once you experience Goomz, you’ll never be able to settle for anything less.

Shop Goomz Mushroom Supplements here

SOLARAY Reishi Mushroom Capsules

A bottle of Solaray Reishi mushroom supplements.

Are you looking for capsules? SOLARAY pills are arguably the best reishi mushroom capsules on the market today, primarily because it does its groundwork in the lab.

By screening for contaminants and working to ensure the purity and potency of its Reishi ingredients, SOLARAY can deliver all the benefits of regular Reishi mushroom consumption in a convenient pill form.

The only ingredients used to make the capsules are Reishi mushroom and vegetable cellulose. Each capsule gets you 600 mg of powdered Reishi, about as rich a dose as consuming a few grams of fresh mushrooms.

It’s worth noting that SOLARAY ships its Reishi in bottles sourced from plastic that originated from landfills and ocean waste. With a 60-day guarantee, it’s certainly worth trying out SOLARAY if you’re looking for Reishi in capsule form.

Shop SOLARAY Reishi Mushroom Capsules here

Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom

A Bottle of Gaia Herbs Reishi mushroom supplements

Want exceptionally high beta-glucan content? Gaia Herbs offers a simple one-a-day formula that delivers precisely that target load. Each serving contains around 450 mg of Reishi concentrate, equivalent to about 2.5 g of dry mushrooms.

More importantly, this Reishi isn’t sourced from mycelium. It’s only drawn from the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms.

Sticking to fruiting bodies allows Gaia Herbs to deliver more beta-glucans per capsule than most of its competitors. It’s also why these supplements are guaranteed to deliver the relatively high beta-glucan loads listed on the box.

Gaia Herbs capsules are arguably the best organic reishi mushroom supplement, with their formula based on nothing but Reishi and pullulan.

Unfortunately, Gaia Herbs sticks you with a single option for bottle sizes: 40 pills. That lack of flexibility can be a real drawback for people taking Reishi at higher dosages or who want to try a supplement without committing to over a month’s supply from a single brand. But that issue aside, we love the quality of this product.

Shop Gaia Herbs Reishi Mushroom here

Heilbron Herbs Reishi Mushroom Extract

A bottle of Heilbron Reishi mushroom supplements.

Many people consider liquid dropper supplements easier to take. Heilbron Herbs Reishi Mushroom Extract does its best to take full advantage of every benefit of going with a liquid supplement.

Some of the best Reishi mushroom supplements for sleep are often tinctures like these. The rapid bioavailability that results from sublingually taking supplements for sleep issues is far superior to waiting hours for mushrooms to digest.

We also love how their dropper is precise, and its seal is tight.

Admittedly, the bitter flavor of Reishi is not significantly enhanced when concentrated. That’s why Heilbron has made its drops a little more palatable by adding ginger and honey. Given the possibility of the ingredients separating, you’ll want to shake the bottle before using it — every time.

Shop Heilbron Herbs Reishi Mushroom Extract here

Prince of Peace Hokkaido Deer Horn-Shaped Reishi Capsules

Prince of Peace Hokkaido Deer Horn-Shaped Reishi Capsules

Some Reishi mushrooms are more interesting than others. When grown on decaying trees, Reishi mushrooms will naturally form the shape of an umbrella.

But under the unique conditions found in Hokkaido, Reishi fruiting bodies form the shape of a deer horn. With the unique physical shape comes a higher nutrient density and greater concentrations of critical bioactive ingredients.

If you want higher potency, you can just take more ordinary Reishi. But doing so can increase the risk of experiencing minor side effects, like nausea. That minor risk makes the considerably higher beta-glucan content found in these capsules fairly attractive for people who have struggled with side effects in the past.

However, these supplements are based on a proprietary formula using mushrooms grown during only one season in Hokkaido, Japan. As such, Prince of Peace’s Reishi capsules are about four or five times as expensive as the most costly competing brand.

But if you can stomach their price and can’t stomach higher doses of regular Reishi powder, check out Prince of Peace Hokkaido Deer Horn Shaped Reishi Capsules.

Host Defense Reishi Capsules

A box of Host Defense Reishi mushroom supplements.

Produced by a company founded by famous mycologist Paul Stamets, Host Defense Reishi Capsules are well-regarded within the supplement community. Like many of the products on this list, the Reishi mushrooms for these supplements are grown in the USA with an emphasis on sustainability.

Regarding ingredients, Host Defense uses only Reishi, trace amounts of brown rice, and pullulan for the capsule. The large load of 0.5 grams of Reishi extract per capsule means many people will take one daily instead of the recommended two-a-day dose recommended in the package guidelines.

What else do we like about them? By offering bottles with anywhere from 30 to 120 capsules, Host Defence makes it easier for you to get the correct number of Reishi capsules at a competitive price. It’s also great that the company uses scientifically validated data to consistently monitor its crop's safety and purity.

Shop Host Defense Reishi Capsules here

Nature’s Way Reishi Mushroom Extract

A bottle of Nature's Way Reishi mushroom supplements.

Nature’s Way is one of the most respected brands in the supplement world — but not because there’s anything extraordinary about its ingredients. Instead, it’s because the company has a long historical record of ensuring purity and efficacy. That reputation carries over to a product many people consider the best reishi extract.

Each Nature’s Way Reishi Mushroom Extract bottle contains 100 vegan capsules with 376 mg of extract per serving. They’re smaller capsules that are easier to swallow, but you’ll need to take two to get a complete serving.

Like many similar brands, Nature’s Way uses cellulose and hypromellose in its vegan plant capsules. There’s also a little magnesium stearate added as an anti-caking agent. You won’t find yeast products, preservatives, salt, wheat, corn, soy, dairy, or artificial flavors or colors.

It’s also worth pointing out that Nature’s Way makes its bottles from 97% post-consumer recycled plastics. If their expense does not put you off and you’re looking for capsules you can trust, it’s worth giving Nature’s Way a shot.

Shop Nature’s Way Reishi Mushroom Supplement here

Terrasoul Superfoods Reishi 4:1 Extract Powder

a bag of Terrasoul Reishi mushroom supplement.

Terrasoul Superfoods Reishi 4:1 Extract Powder is an excellent example of what can be done with a 4:1 extract powder. In terms of value, it’s hard to beat a nutrient-dense extract like this. It also helps that this extract is produced in China, keeping costs even lower.

Available in both 5.5 oz and 1 lb bags, Terrasoul supplements are an excellent choice for anyone looking to get their hands on large quantities of Reishi. Of course, there are also some minor issues to consider.

As a particularly potent powder, the taste of this supplement is particularly bitter. You’ll probably want to mix it with tea, but you may find that the flavor can be intense, even after masking it.

Moreover, some people don’t want their supplements sourced and tested in China. However, thus far, Terrasoul has been delivering quality products with respectable reliability.

Shop Terrasoul Superfoods Reishi Mushroom Powder here

Freshcap Reishi Mushroom Extract

A bottle of Freshcap Reishi mushroom supplements.

Freshcap Reishi Mushroom Extract is reasonably similar to Terrasoul’s extract. It’s a high-concentration powder that provides around one gram of quality Reishi mushroom essence per scoop. Coming in a reasonably sized two-ounce container, both the overall quantities and cost efficiencies of Freshcap products are somewhat thinner.

However, unlike Terrasoul, Freshcap’s Reishi supplement offers exceptional beta-glucan and triterpene content because it’s a product sourced entirely from fruiting bodies.

Since this supplement is a powder, it's best taken in coffee, tea, smoothies, or another form where you can easily disguise the bitter flavor. The included scoop is small and oddly shaped, but it slides into the container and scoops out the appropriate amount of power with excellent reliability.

Another thing to note is that this manufacturer offers a subscription service, which saves you a few bucks if you decide to get a regularly scheduled supply.

Shop Freshcap Reishi Mushroom Extract here

New Chapter Superfood Mushroom Reishi

A bottle of New Chapter Reishi mushroom supplements.

New Chapter isn’t about to win any awards for novelty. However, these supplements are easy to take, provide all the key benefits of Reishi mushroom consumption, and don’t make any serious mistakes in composition.

In addition to the Reishi, each capsule is made from pullulan, carrageenan, water, and potassium chloride — very minimalist as far as Reishi supplements are concerned.

One thing to keep in mind is that this Reishi is sourced from both the mycelium and fruiting bodies of mushrooms. You will end up with lower concentrations of a few bioavailable agents when you dilute fruiting bodies with mycelium, often because residual grain (the medium on which the mushroom grows) also ends up in your supplement.

Each New Chapter container provides 60 capsules, which is a little on the light side compared to some brands, while each capsule contains 500 mg of extract, which is on the higher side.

If you want something affordable, functional, and middle-of-the-road, check out New Chapter Superfood Mushroom Reishi.

NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Extract

A bottle of NusaPure Reishi mushroom extract.

With high concentrations of ganoderma lucidum, NusaPure is another strong candidate for the best reishi mushroom supplement for sleep. This product offers a rough equivalent of 4,000 mg of fresh mushrooms per capsule as a highly potent extract.

Though these capsules are not quite as fast-acting as Reishi taken under the tongue, NusaPure has enhanced the bioavailability of its formula by including a small amount of black pepper fruit extract. The formulation is also standardized to contain very high levels of polysaccharides.

Each bottle contains 300 capsules. Paired with a 1-a-day recommended dosage, a single bottle should last nearly a year. If you’re looking for higher doses of Reishi, which is typical for people seeking its sleep regulation and immune system boosting benefits, check out NusaPure Reishi Mushroom Extract.

Double Wood Supplements Reishi Mushroom Extract

A bottle of Double Wood Reishi supplements.

When weighing every factor in mind, NusaPure is arguably the best reishi mushroom powder. Double Wood’s 4:1 extract doesn’t have the herculean strength of NusaPure’s potent creation. However, this powder is sourced exclusively from the fruiting bodies of Reishi mushrooms. Gram for gram, the potency isn’t as incredible, but it’s still relatively high.

As with NusaPure supplements, each bottle of this Reishi extract contains 300 capsules. Each capsule contains 500 mg of extract, with a recommended dose of two capsules daily. Paired with their higher potency, that schedule makes Double Wood Supplements capsules an economical way to add Reishi to your diet regularly.

This extract is manufactured in the United States and is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Apart from Reishi, these capsules are made with only hypromellose and residual rice flour left over from the mushroom growing medium.

So, if you’re interested in keeping your dosage moderate while maximizing the purity of your ingested Reisihi, check out Double Wood Supplements Reishi Mushroom Extract.

Real Mushrooms Reishi Powder

A bag of Real Mushrooms Reishi supplements.

As another excellent example of a product from a brand that does many simple things well, Real Mushrooms Reishi Powder is quite all-around adequate.

The company’s products don’t contain fillers like grain or starch, and its Reishi powder is made entirely from fruiting bodies. As such, the powder has a very substantial beta-glucan count.

Available in 1.58-ounce and 3.53-ounce bags, Real Mushrooms supplement provides a pretty economical way to get your hands on plain Reishi powder. Each serving delivers an impressive 1,000 mg dose, complete with 250 mg of glucans and 40 mg of triterpenoids.

Of course, there are limitations. In terms of flavor, a powder like this is basically the opposite of quality Reishi mushroom gummies.

The taste is quite bitter, and it will definitely need to be disguised for consumption. But it's worth trying Real Mushrooms' powder if you plan on making smoothies or tea.

Shop Real Mushrooms Reishi Powder here

Best Reishi Mushroom Supplement FAQ

Dried Reishi mushrooms

What should you look for when choosing a Reishi mushroom supplement?

Beta-glucan content can be important for people who are looking to take advantage of the immune-supportive properties of Reishi. That’s easier with a supplement made exclusively from fruiting bodies, not from mycelium or a mix of the two.

You want quality and purity, and you can find both when the brand you choose thoroughly tests its Reishi powder. Also, think about the type of supplements you’ll have the easiest time taking consistently: powders, tinctures, capsules, or gummies.

Organic certification ensures pesticides and herbicides aren't used in the production of your supplements, which generally won't affect the product but does have environmental implications.

You might also be interested in finding supplements that deliver more than just Reishi alone, enhancing potential benefits. Functional mushrooms can achieve about a dozen beneficial health effects when taken in the right combination.

What is the most effective way to take Reishi?

The best way to take Reishi depends on your preferences and goals. Capsules and tablets are convenient when taken with food. They're a no-mess option that keeps the bitter taste at bay.

Tinctures are suitable for taking Reishi sublingually. This delivery method allows the body to absorb Reishi’s constituents very quickly, which can be helpful if you’re taking advantage of their sleep-inducing properties.

Powders can be mixed into other foods or even thick beverages, allowing you to disguise their bitter taste and achieve greater control over the dose. They’re also one of the most economical ways to purchase Reishi.

But the all-around best way to take Reishi is with enhanced mushroom gummies. They’re flavorful and bioavailable, and no one has to twist your arm to make you take them every day. Consistency is critical to maximize the mushroom gummies benefits you derive from your supplement routine.

How often can you take Reishi mushroom supplements?

Frequency depends on a variety of factors, ranging from your health goals and individual tolerances to the formulation of the supplement. Reishi is generally considered safe for regular consumption, but following dosage guidelines is still important. Most brands recommend daily use, but some people prefer to take very high doses over longer intervals.

With Goomz, you have an array of dosage options, so the power to decide on the best dose is entirely in your hands.

What is the best Reishi mushroom supplement brand?

The best Reishi mushroom supplements will depend on your goals and preferences. If you strongly prefer minute flexibility of dose, then you’ll want a liquid or powder rather than capsules or gummies.

But for most people, the best functional mushroom supplements will be our Goomz gummies. We think your experience with them will be unmatched by any of the other supplements on our list.

A scientist testing chemicals in a lab.

Are Reishi mushroom supplements safe?

Reishi has been used medicinally for thousands of years, and it’s considered safe when taken as directed. You do need to pay attention to quality and purity, which means seeking products that undergo third-party testing and follow good manufacturing practices.

It’s also worth noting that some people experience minor side effects after Reishi consumption, including dry mouth and nausea. More importantly, Reishi can potentially interact with several drugs, especially immunosuppressant medications and blood thinners.

That possibility means that if you’re taking medications or have a health condition, you should talk with a doctor before starting a supplement like Reishi powder, drops, capsules, or gummies.

What are the potential side effects of Reishi mushroom supplements?

Functional mushrooms’ side effects are generally mild and include symptoms like digestive discomfort, dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, and interactions with some medications.

There’s been virtually zero research into the effects of using Reishi supplements during gestation, childbirth, or breastfeeding, so you may want to talk with a doctor before taking a supplement during or immediately after pregnancy.

Picking the Best Reishi Supplement

A wall full of growing Reishi mushrooms.

Finding the best reishi supplement depends on knowing what you want. People using Reishi to fall asleep will take a different approach than those who want to prioritize its immuno-protective properties.

But if you’re looking for all the benefits of Reishi mushrooms in a delicious and highly bioavailable form, start with Goomz — the best mushroom gummies on the market.

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