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Where to Buy Mushroom Gummies? (In-Depth Look)

If you’re a fan of mushrooms, then chances are you’ve heard about the potential benefits of functional mushroom supplements, and you’re looking to get your hands on some quality mushroom gummies. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about where to buy mushroom gummies and what to look out for.

Functional mushrooms like reishi, lion’s mane, cordyceps, and others have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to promote health and longevity. And in recent years, they've exploded in popularity in the West as people have become more interested in natural wellness solutions.

While you can get mushroom extracts in capsules, powders, and drinks, gummies are one of the most convenient and tasty ways to work them into your routine.

Whether you're looking to boost your immune system, increase energy levels, enhance mental clarity, reduce stress, or support overall well-being, a functional mushroom blend can help. The tricky part is determining where to purchase high-quality mushroom gummies you can trust.

TL/DR Summary

We’ll discuss the details below, but these are our top four choices for buying mushroom gummies.

  1. Online Vendors: Vendor websites are the best place to buy mushroom gummies because they are convenient and offer various options. By cutting out the middlemen and buying directly from manufacturers or reputable online stores, you can often save some money and frequently find better deals and unique products that you might need help to get in retail stores.
  2. Whole Foods: While it may not be your first thought, Whole Foods has a decent selection of functional mushroom gummies from mainstream health brands in its supplements section.
  3. Vitamin & Supplement Stores: Like Whole Foods, vitamin shops and dedicated supplement retailers like The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and local independents typically stock a solid assortment of mushroom gummies.
  4. Bulk Orders From Potential Wholesale Suppliers: If you need a large quantity for personal use or to supply a business, your best bet may be exploring bulk order options directly from mushroom gummy brands or wholesale distributors and growers.

Buy Mushroom Gummies Online

goomz watermelon mushroom gummies

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to get high-quality mushroom gummies is to order them online directly from reputable brands and vendors like Goomz.

Goomz Gummies are functional mushroom gummies that produce effects you can actually feel. Some of the best medicinal mushrooms are included in our gummies:

  • Chaga
  • Reishi
  • Cordyceps
  • Lion’s mane
  • Turkey tail
  • Maitake
  • Shiitake

Our gummies are made with potent extracts that help potentiate mushrooms' beneficial health effects. For example, we include kava root for relaxation, blue lotus to boost mood, and Kanna to help reduce anxiety.

As some of the best mushroom gummies, Goomz gummies boast a unique medicinal formulation unlike that of any other functional mushroom gummy on the market.

When shopping Goomz, you can find gummies designed to improve energy, help you fall asleep at night, and even experience bliss. You can also choose among delicious flavors like Berry Blast, Pineapple Lemonade, and Blue Raspberry.

Once you have one or two gummies, you’ll be less stressed, have more energy, and feel better overall. You might even notice a boost in creativity. So, if you’re looking for mushroom gummies that you can feel the effects of, you should definitely try Goomz.

Some other cheap mushroom gummy brands we recommend are Fungies, Earth & Star, and BATCH. Fungies Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies are functional gummies that help you feel more energetic. Plus, if you have a caffeine habit, they can help you kick it.

Earth & Star Immune Gummies are great for your immune system and contain ten of the best mushroom extracts, including Cordyceps and Lion’s mane. These gummies might be good if you’re trying to avoid getting seasonal illnesses.

As for the BATCH gummies, they are meant to boost your brain health. BATCH blends 100 mg of Cordyceps, 300 mg of Lion’s mane, and 10 mg of Reishi to support your entire nervous system.

While we recommend Goomz Gummies as the best mushroom gummies to buy online, Fungus, Earth & Star, and BATCH are also great brands.

Buy Mushroom Gummies at Whole Foods

lions mane mushroom

If you prefer to purchase your mushroom gummies in person, it’s worth visiting your local Whole Foods.

The supermarket chain’s supplement section has a surprisingly solid selection of functional mushroom products from mainstream brands like Host Defense, FreshCap, and Om. You’ll usually find gummies alongside capsules, powders, and mushroom coffee or tea mixes.

The great thing about buying from Whole Foods is knowing you're getting a high-quality product. The chain has stringent standards for what it will stock on its shelves. Plus, you can easily read labels, compare options, and sometimes even ask the staff for recommendations if you feel like you need help.

In person, you can easily read nutrition labels, compare ingredients, and get a feel for the different mushroom gummy options. A definite perk is that you can see the product before ordering, but the potential downside is that inventory can be limited compared to ordering online.

Buy Mushroom Gummies at Vitamin & Supplement Stores

assorted functional mushrooms

You should visit local vitamin shops or supplement stores to see if they have mushroom gummies in stock. Places like The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, and independent health stores can sometimes have a large selection of mushroom supplements to choose from.

You’ll likely find a mix of gummies, capsules, powders, and mushroom coffee or tea blends. Talk to the staff and let them know what you’re looking for. They could help point you in the right direction and even tell you about current sales or promotions to save money.

Having in-person assistance from experts can be invaluable, especially if you’re new to medicinal mushrooms. You can get all of your questions asked before making a purchase.

Buy Mushroom Gummies in Bulk From Potential Wholesale Suppliers

Suppose you're looking to buy a large quantity of mushroom gummies for personal use over an extended period or to distribute at a health business, spa, clinic, or similar venue. In that case, consider buying in bulk directly from brands, growers, or wholesale distributors to save money.

Many mushroom supplement companies are happy to set up repeat bulk ordering for loyal or high-volume customers. All you have to do is reach out to their customer service teams. These brands can often extend steep discounts and bundle pricing when you buy mushroom gummies and other products regularly and in large quantities rather than as single units.

Another potential route is to search for local mushroom cultivation companies, growers, or wholesalers who can supply you with bulk mushroom gummies or ingredients to make private-label products at a reduced cost. Just be sure to thoroughly vet any suppliers before making a large purchase.

Potential Side Effects of Mushroom Gummies

While there are typically a lot of mushroom gummies benefits, some potential side effects still exist.

Are mushroom gummies safe? Yes, they are generally considered safe and well-tolerated. However, it’s still important to be aware of the potential side effects, especially if you have any preexisting conditions or take any medications that could interact.

Some common side effects reported include digestive issues like gas, bloating, upset stomach, or sluggish digestion — usually when consuming large doses.

There are also possible risks for those with compromised immune systems or fungal allergies, as mushrooms could worsen these conditions.

Starting with smaller doses of mushroom gummies is always a bright idea to assess your tolerance. Be sure to stay hydrated as well. Go slow and let your body adjust before increasing your intake.

As with any new supplement, it’s a good idea to understand what mushroom gummies are and talk to your doctor or pharmacist first if you have any specific health concerns or take medication.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Mushroom Gummies

There you have it! As you can see, there are plenty of great options for getting some high-quality mushroom gummies to support your health and wellness journey.

Whether you prefer the convenience of ordering your mushroom gummies online, would rather purchase in person, or need to buy in bulk, there’s a route for everyone. Do your homework on brands, read those labels carefully, and, most importantly, listen to your body.

No matter which option you choose, we hope this guide has provided you with all the information you need to buy mushroom gummies that meet your needs confidently. Be bold and ask questions of vendors and stores to ensure you get the right products. Your health is an investment worth making.

Best of luck in finding the perfect mushroom gummies!

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