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7 Best Vegan Mushroom Gummies for Overall Wellness

Many of us run into this frustrating situation: we want to focus on creating a better overall wellness plan, but the supplements we want are not vegan-friendly. Thankfully, most mushrooms are vegan-friendly, so listing a plethora of vegan mushroom gummies for you is relatively simple.

Companies like Goomz, Mycroboost, and Riti specialize in 100% vegan-friendly mushroom formulas designed to improve your mood, immunity, and overall health. Continue reading as we dive into the best vegan functional mushroom gummies on the market today.

1. Best Overall - Goomz Mushroom Gummies

a pack of Goomz Mushroom Gummies in Berry Blast flavor

If you’re looking for a vegan mushroom gummy that checks all the boxes, Goomz is an excellent solution. Crafted with a proprietary blend of concentrated medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps, our unique formula offers versatile support for your body and mind.

It also goes beyond just supplying health-promoting mushrooms; Goomz gummies include mood-lifting ingredients like blue lotus, kava root, and kanna to reduce stress and invoke clarity.

As far as taste, these gummies score top marks. With natural bouquets like strawberry, mixed berry, and watermelon, each soft and chewy bite delights the senses.

At the modest dosage of .35 grams per pack, you can tailor your intake to find the perfect level for your own organic makeup. Take more if you’re not feeling enough, and reduce your intake if it’s too much. Remember that this formula is designed to pack a lot of powerful effects into a lower dosage, so we recommend starting small and working your way up.

What truly makes Goomz the best overall mushroom gummy is meticulous composition. These gummies are completely vegan and gluten-free, with no pesticides used anywhere in manufacture, so you can be sure they provide for your overall health and well-being.

Want brain-boosting nootropics, anxiety-busting herbs, and tantalizing flavors in every piece? Treat yourself to the diverse benefits of Goomz mushroom gummies.

Check out Goomz Mushroom Gummies here

2. Best Flavor - Mycroboost Functional Mushroom Gummies

a pack of Mycroboost Mushroom Gummies

Sometimes, the flavor can be underwhelming when it comes to vegan functional mushroom gummies, but that’s not the case with the Mycroboost gummies. Vegan and bursting with fruity flavors, these gummies make nourishing your body a treat.

Each serving contains a hearty 300mg of a comprehensive blend of functional mushrooms, including chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and turkey tail.

These five vegan mushroom varieties target different areas of wellness. Reishi promotes relaxation, cordyceps enhances stamina, chaga boosts immunity, lion’s mane sharpens focus, and turkey tail supports overall vitality.

With tasty flavors like black cherry, blue raspberry, and strawberry, you’ll relish the burst of fruit essence in every soft and chewy bite.

At 20 gummies per resealable bag, Mycroboost offers the convenience of grab-and-go wellness.

Simply stash a pack in your purse or gym bag to access elevated energy, clarity, and resilience anytime. The massed dosage of 6000mg medicinal mushrooms per container enables you to customize your intake while getting the effects you desire.

Check out Mycroboost Vegan Mushroom Gummies here

3. Great Ingredient Blend - Riti Super Mushroom Gummies

a bottle of Riti Super Mushroom Gummies on a marble looking platform

We chose Riti Super Mushrooms for its excellent ingredient blend of 10 different mushroom varieties to promote overall health and wellness.

As a 100% vegan and ethically sourced product, Riti sets the standard for sustainability. Each tasty gummy contains a lion’s mane to sharpen focus, reishi to calm the mind, and chaga to fortify immunity. The combination satisfies multiple needs in one bite.

In addition to the diverse benefits, these gummies have an enjoyable flavor, which makes them easy to pop anywhere.

These gummies suit various diets thanks to a thoughtful composition free of the top nine most prevalent allergens. For those seeking mushroom nourishment that tends to both body and conscience, Riti is a cut above. You can expect to experience elevated energy, mood, and cognitive performance from these vegan gummies.

Check out Riti Super Mushroom Gummies here

4. Best for Insomnia - Fungies Reishi Mushroom Gummies

a bottle of Fungies Reishi Mushroom Gummies in Apple flavor

With 84 million people in America not getting a restful night's sleep, they often turn to prescription medication and over-the-counter supplements that force dependency and have harmful side effects.

If you’re struggling to sleep, vegan functional mushroom gummies from Fungies may be a better solution.

Designed for restful sleep and everyday stress relief, these vegan delights promote total tranquility. Each gummy contains the relaxing properties of 500mg of reishi, long utilized in ancient medicine for its calming effects.

With juicy apple flavor complementing the earthy mushrooms, Fungies makes it easier to down these gummies whenever you feel wired before bedtime.

Fungies ensures its gummies are cruelty-free, additive-free, GMO-free, and 100% vegan. For those seeking plant-based products that encourage healthy sleep patterns, Fungies has the solution.

Check out Fungies Reishi Gummies here

5. Best for Immune System - Cheef Botanicals Immunity Mushroom Gummy

a pack of Cheef Botanicals Immunity Mushroom Gummy Cubes

Are you seeking robust immune defense from a vegan source? Cheef Botanicals Immunity Gummies provide precisely what you need to power through the flu and cold season.

Showcasing the fruiting bodies of nutrient-dense mushrooms like chaga, turkey tail, and reishi, Cheef empowers resilience. They’re also bursting with antioxidant-rich berries. These gummies provide immune armor in a package you can enjoy.

As a 100% vegan formula containing no hidden ingredients or by-products, Cheef makes fortifying health straightforward.

Let the blended mushroom extracts work synergistically to reinforce your body’s natural defense systems. With sustainability and potency in mind, Cheef offers gummies that leave you feeling your best without ethical compromise.

Check out Cheef Botanicals Immunity Gummies here

6. Best for Anxiety - CBDfx Wellness Mushroom Gummies

a bottle of CBDfx Wellness Mushroom Gummies

31% of adults in the United States admit to experiencing anxiety, and while many of them turn to prescription medications, there are alternatives. CBDfx pairs non-psychoactive cannabis with an immune-lifting mushroom medley for ultimate relaxation.

Each tasty mushroom gummy infuses lion’s mane, cordyceps, and other heavy hitters with soothing CBD isolate to melt away anxiety. The vegan formula excludes all common allergens, so you can enjoy these gummies without worrying about health concerns.

CBDfx’s testing protocols ensure purity and safety. With USA-sourced ingredients, these gummies stimulate serenity in each 1500 mg serving. If you’re somewhat hesitant about trying these gummies because of the inclusion of CBD, we recommend starting small and working your way up.

Check out the CBDfx Wellness Mushroom Gummies here

7. Best for Relaxation - Float Mushroom Gummies

Float mushroom gummies

Lion’s Mane mushroom possesses the incredible power to clear your mind and harness your focus. With that come unique benefits that we believe are ideal for relaxation. When the day's hard work is done, you can rest easy knowing you’ve checked everything off your to-do list.

That is where Float Shroom Gummies come in. Each chewy cube contains 25mg of lion’s mane and a dash of calming CBD for complete mind-body nourishment.

With three luscious flavor options like Bohemian Berry and Flower Child, enjoying elevated cognition becomes a sensory treat.

Float Mushroom gummies use a cruelty-free formula containing no animal products, allowing ethics-focused consumers to amplify brain power without compromise. Let the lion’s mane and CBD combo synergize to sharpen focus and dial down anxiety. With ten pieces per resealable pouch, you can tailor your intake to find your optimal dose.

This proprietary blend is 100% vegan-friendly and designed to help you be more productive so you can feel more relaxed every day.

Check out the Float Mushroom Gummies here

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Vegan Mushroom Gummies

mushrooms in the forest with the sunlight peeking through

With mushroom supplements for health rising in popularity, more and more people are curious about the potential benefits and risks. The positive effects are clear and consistent, but the unknown scares consumers. Let’s help ease any anxiety you may have regarding the potential benefits and side effects of vegan mushroom gummies.

What are the potential negative side effects of vegan mushroom gummies?

Fortunately, mushroom gummies are typically well-tolerated, especially when taken as directed. Of course, with any mushroom supplement, there are potential side effects. Mushroom gummies can cause:

  • Mild digestive discomfort
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea

These side effects are most common when first introducing your body to medicinal mushrooms and should subside with continued use.

It’s also crucial to understand the source of your medicinal mushroom products. We recommend only purchasing from reputable suppliers. Neglecting this critical rule can cause toxicity risks for contaminants like pesticides, heavy metals, and mold.

High-quality mushroom gummies made in cGMP-certified facilities ensure purity and safety.

What are the benefits of vegan mushroom gummies?

The perks of mushroom gummies ultimately come down to the functional mushrooms they contain. Different species provide unique health advantages thanks to their rich nutritional profile.

Reishi and turkey tail mushrooms may fortify immune response, while lion's mane can sharpen mental clarity. Others, like cordyceps, boast energy-enhancing effects.

Blending several mushroom varieties into one gummy gives diverse benefits. Mushroom gummies support gut health, reduce inflammation, elevate mood, and ease anxiety.

The convenience of these pre-measured mushroom supplements makes integrating these advantages into your routine effortless.

Here's a quick rundown of some science-backed benefits of the functional mushrooms commonly found in gummies:

Lion's Mane

  • Supports focus, memory, and cognitive function
  • Protects nerve cells
  • Alleviates mild anxiety or depression


  • Boosts immune health
  • Promotes calm and relaxation
  • Helps the body manage stress


  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Anti-aging through antioxidant activity
  • Aids respiratory function

Turkey Tail

  • Packed with immune-modulating polysaccharides
  • Antiviral and antibiotic properties
  • Supports gut microbiome


  • Lowers inflammation
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • May inhibit tumor growth

Gummies allow you to gain a spectrum of advantages in one bite, rather than consuming each mushroom variety separately, and the delicious flavors make consuming a higher dosage easier.

Harness the Power of Vegan Mushroom Gummies in Your Life

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It’s crucial to have vegan-friendly options, and this is true for everything in life. Mushroom gummies are no exception, so we’re proud to recommend the completely vegan mushroom gummy option from Goomz.

This vegan mushroom gummy is our number one recommended option because its proprietary blend of potent and powerful mushrooms offers effects you can genuinely feel. Try Goomz Gummies today!

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